Automation Center of Excellence

  • Jun 17 2022

Many businesses create their own Center of Excellence (CoE) to implement change management and guide their internal teams to understand and gain the benefits of new technologies and products. The CoE is created either using inside or outside team members. The CoE comprises a team of skilled members, developers, cloud managers, database engineers, or the senior management team members. The biggest question is how and what to consider while creating a CoE within the organization. Please consider the following three main aspects while designing CoE for your organization.

  1. Define Strategy and Vision Clearly
  2. It has proper funding
  3. The Operational Rules are well laid out 

Not all business can have their own CoE, so they rely on outside vendors to support their automation solutions to identify the processes and services that can be automated. Sometimes it is better to have an outside vendor to provide automation solutions as the cost benefits are more. Please contact us to learn more or book an appointment at to understand how we, as a vendor, can become your Center of Excellence Partner to bring automation solution to your doorstep to bring cost-saving changes. Learn more about us at


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